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3D Models

Information shared in a real-world format

The 3D Modeling Process

3D graphics and animations convey more information more efficiently than traditional 'flat' drawings. Details like lighting, shadows, reflections and realistic textures make more sense to the user, especially when working with complex technical concepts.

Information systems are invested in 3D models and data as they are shown to greatly reduce product time-to-market and lifecycle costs.

Our Technical Illustrators are experienced with 3D models and know the best methods to integrate them into technical documentation
DTB has invested in very high powered 3D computer systems and software to enable us to effectively and efficiently work with virtually any 3D models
We support a wide range of 3D models and formats

DTB can demonstrate how the use of 3D Modeling can benefit your support stream throughout manufacturing, tech-pubs and the complete product lifecycle.

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3D Interactive Maintenance Instructions
3D Assembly Instructions
3D Interactive Parts Catalogs & Ordering Solutions
3D Interactive Training Aids

The drive to reduce barriers between design engineering and downstream business functions is accelerating.
This includes the development of supportive content - instructional procedures, parts diagrams, etc.

Benefits of 3D Models —
Model Based Enterprise (MBE)

There are many advantages in the use of 3D Models including:

A manifold increase in the effectiveness of technical documentation throughout your enterprise
Consolidated design methods reduce error introduction, information bottlenecks and costly duplicated effort
Reduced time to completion / time to market
Compel the re-use of information throughout the process, reducing wasted time and expense
Improved communication and information sharing

The move to advanced information dissemination is driven by business pressures on time to market, product lifecycle costs and return on investment.

3D Models are of benefit during content development: Our technical content authors can use 3D models when writing your procedures, allowing them to better understand associated parts and assemblies. It gives them the ability to map the path to part and identify obstructing assemblies that require removal.

3D Interactive Case Study

One of our clients developed very complex equipment requiring regular maintenance. Downtime is extremely costly and secondary backup equipment prohibitively expensive.

To better prepare maintenance technicians, DTB suggested utilizing 3D models as a learning tool during training. We developed interactive 3D Maintenance Instructions that walked the technician through the procedures utilizing informational modeling. The final 3D model was delivered in a PDF file so that the technician could have a local copy of the Interactive 3D Maintenance Instructions for on-site reference.

This system proved a huge success and subsequently DTB was requested to create more models for the client.