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About Dayton T. Brown's Technical Services Division

Technical Authoring and Illustration - Analysis and Reporting - Compliance Services

The difference a company can make...


Building One, Dayton T. Brown's 31-acre technical and testing laboratories in New York

The beginning of Dayton T. Brown, Inc., in 1950. Our Technical Services Division was formed in 1966. As early as 1959, we provided technical information services to military and space programs.

We are proud of the contributions DTB has made to technological advancements in so many types of industries around the world. We are also particularly proud of our efforts for our armed forces, and those of our allies, to provide increased security and to do it more safely.

The difference our people make...

Since 1966, Dayton T. Brown’s staff of technical data specialists have provided world-class technical publications and logistics data support solutions to government, military and industry around the world.

Of course, the success of our business, and of your project, is the result of our people. DTB has been fortunate over many years in attracting individuals that cultivate a climate of learning, endeavor and reliability.

Our technical writers, subject matter experts, illustrators, software engineers, and analysts hold technical degrees in their various areas of expertise such as A&P technology, vehicle technologies, mechanical and electrical engineering, computer and information science, language and publishing technologies.
DTB is knowledgeable of complex, mission critical systems and equipment, and is cognizant of all current military and commercial standards, such as S1000D and all other specifications for technical documentation.
We are proficient in XML and SGML authoring and interactive electronic manual / IETM formats.
Our personnel are specially trained to develop accurate and comprehensive technical documentation and graphics to a broad range of requirements.

DTB's personnel include a wide range of technical talent, degreed individuals and subject matter experts across a spectrum of industries and standards.

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Our continually renewed resources...

Dayton T. Brown's Technical Services Division finances the continuous education of its personnel to ensure expertise in new and evolving technologies. These opportunities combine with our involvement in many real-world and online resources to provide a strong foundation encouraging individual and team development and productivity.

Our program management has produced a diverse range of applications from pocket guides to interactive courseware. We've developed embedded information systems and provided multi-volume printed document libraries spanning thousands of pages.

And across the entire scope of our work on such a diversity of projects there is one consistent factor: Customer Satisfaction.

Whatever the need, Dayton T. Brown's people are equal to the task.


In addition to developing, managing and maintaining technical data,
DTB understands content...

Our staff of subject matter experts review all your data at every step for completeness and make recommendations for data-optimization. We even develop source data requests to backfill data holes. This service makes us a unique choice for your next project. We will work with your implementation team to assist them during the development of the data and beyond. We can work at your site or establish satellite operations to assist you in any way we can.

We specialize in data conversions that yield complete, fully compliant datasets in accordance with all of today’s most demanding standards.

Other vendors have simply manipulated data - apparently without understanding the ramifications that any change can introduce into the data repository during conversion. We ensure the data is intact and accurate throughout the conversion process.
Documents and Full Information Systems of All Types:
CBT / WBT Programs Operator’s Manuals
Component Maintenance Manuals Overhaul Manuals
Content Management Systems Parts Manuals
Fault Tree Analysis Provisioning Technical Documentation
FRACAS Reliability Analysis & MTBF Predictions
Hazard Tracking & Risk Resolution Software User Manuals
Human Engineering Analysis System Maintenance Manuals
IETMs / IETPs System Safety Analysis
LSA / LSAR Training Course and Courseware
Manpower Requirements Analysis Training Manuals
Maintainability Analysis & MTTR Predictions Training Needs Analysis