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Consulting and Training Services

Understanding and answering tomorrow's information technology opportunities

Consulting and Training Services

Determine your needs and put the answers to work

DTB provides consulting and training services on technical publications and logistics programs to help our customers make the right choices when faced with challenges in these areas.

Whether implementing S1000D, faced with challenging technical publishing tasks or implementing a logistics program, DTB can help.

• Technical Publications Technology & Specification Selection

• Custom Publishing Requirements & Analysis

• Publications & Logistics Training

• Logistics Requirements Review & Analysis

Our expert professional staff will work as an extension of your organization and with you help you through your most challenging problems. The bottom line is, if you have a technical publications or logistics problem, call DTB for a solution.

S1000D Consulting Services

Writing and developing S1000D business rules to support your projects
Presenting the fundamentals of S1000D to your organization to promote buy-in
Analyzing your customer’s data requirements
Interviewing key disciplines to determine in-house capability
Assessing in-house information systems and technologies
Implementing an S1000D capability in your company

Consulting Case Study

DTB was contacted by a company that needed to convert their existing COTS documentation to MIL-STD 40051. The company's product line was being reclassified by the government and will offer a major contract when requirements are met. The small company was  faced with a term that they are not very familiar with — logistics.

A converted manual was only a small piece of the entire logistics puzzle required to be approved by the government. We recommended a consulting agreement; our logisticians performed an analysis. DTB delivered a full report documenting our findings and mapped a course of action.

They agreed and DTB was hired.

Once the procedures were detailed it was presented to the government agency, demonstrating the ability to fulfill and comply with all of the requirements. Shortly after that, they were awarded the contract.