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U.S. Military and Foreign Allied Military Information Services

US and Allied Military information systems, programs, products and services —


Military Services of the U.S. Department of Defense - Dayton T. Brown’s Technical Services Division has been providing state-of-the-art technical documentation services to our soldiers, sailors and airmen since the 1960’s.

We know that correct and efficient operation and maintenance documentation saves lives and keeps equipment down time to a minimum. DTB is in the forefront of developing troubleshooting documentation using the Army’s IADS software.

Foreign Military Allies of the U.S: Our military allies recognize the advantages of working with an experienced supplier to the U.S. Military. We are often recommended to work directly with our military allies, through TAA agreements, covering mission critical modifications to their aircraft.

We have performed work for several vital U.S. allies, among them; Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore and Sweden.

All branches of the U.S. Military have sourced DTB's Technical Services Division many times over the years. For IETMs, operator manuals and parts catalogs.