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DTB Information Technology for All Markets

Our specialists will understand your requirements and implement your best information solutions —

Information Applications and Your Industry

Our time is driven by data and dependent on rapid and precise deployment of information. An essential aspect of that deployment is targeting the required information to the correct point and user in the process. The precise intelligence, delivered in the optimal interface wherever it is requested along the datastream.

Only a few years ago, this would have been a pipedream; but now — more than before and growing in demand — manufacturing, delivery, maintenance, every aspect of successful enterprise are all supplied by by their information systems.

Dayton T. Brown's Technical Services Division has supplied evolving information systems to all markets, worldwide military organizations and commercial enterprises big and small since the 1960s. Our staff is comprised of respected subject-matter experts with real-world experience and the know-how to plan the best course through the myriad of choices to be made in this age of information.

The markets we supply are as diverse as our service offerings but linked by a common vision: developing products that are technologically advanced, precisely engineered, meticulously crafted and tested to assure the highest quality standards.

DTB's first step is listening. Let us know what your requirements are, what goals you've set and Dayton T. Brown can set you on a path to new opportunities and strengths, higher productivities and efficiencies as you make maximum use of of one of today's greatest strengths - information technology.