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Markets We Serve

We've supplied technical solutions to industries, markets and organizations for decades around the world.

Comprehensive Content Authoring

Technical writing is DTB's core capability and we provide every aspect of authoring. We research, create, revise and provide your information in the best format for your purposes.

We are fully knowledgeable of all current documentation standards and specifications, including the evolving ASD/AIA S1000D.


DTB's Technical Services Division has provided technical authoring services since 1966 to clients around the world.

Aviation and Aerospace - DTB’s Technical Services Division have developed information systems to standards quickly and economically. Our personnel have been performing technical writing services and technical illustrating for critical aerospace equipment since 1959.
Consumer Electronics / Products - DTB's Technical Services Division provides the capabilities to author information systems to support new equipment as well as the ability to update existing documentation to evolving standards and client expectations.
Mass Transit / Rail - Over many years, mass transit manufactures throughout the supply chain have utilized DTB's unique grasp of their industries. IETMs, operator manuals, parts catalogs and more.
Medical Device Market - Medical and scientific equipment manufacturers can rely on DTB's Technical Services Division long experience and professionalism for IETMs, operator manuals, parts catalogs and repair manuals.
Military - Dayton T. Brown’s Technical Services Division has been providing state-of-the-art technical documentation services to our soldiers, sailors and airmen since the 1960’s.
Transportation / Shipping - Dayton T. Brown, Inc. is proud to support our nation’s shipbuilders with high quality logistics services, technical writing and illustration and analysis and reporting services