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DTB Partners

Some of the companies we work with...


DTB Partners in Technical Information

A primary strength of our Technical Services Division is the depth of our resources —

  Whether DTB personnel or connections to our toolmakers, the ability to draw upon such a deep pool of talent is hard to match in the industry. We can bring to bear the particular abilities required to put your project in motion — and on the right track — that's why we've partnered with the best...

PTC - One of our mainstay programs for development is PTC's Arbortext suite of products. Arbortext provides a very broad range of authoring capabilities including; interactive publications, technical illustrations, integration into existing datastreams as well as comprehensive content management. Visit

Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. converts content to create electronic documents. DCL refines conversions and extracts metadata, updating legacy documents and re-purposing data for enhanced use.

Dayton T. Brown, Inc., Engineering and Testing Division provides a full spectrum of engineering and testing services from product life cycle testing to failure analysis and reverse engineering. Visit to see our complete range of services.

Integrated Support Systems (ISS) began in 1984 and has been the global leader in supportability analysis software since. Software solutions for improving critical business issues such as product lifecycle support (PLS), product lifecycle management (PLM), configuration management (CM) and more.

Corel - Continuing the long tradition of WordPerfect and Paradox, we frequently employ Corel products to re-use and re-purpose data, to give us access and the ability to begin in your files native, originating format. Visit to see their wide range of COTS software solutions.

Adobe - Long experience and complete familiarity with Adobe products is a decided edge. While PDFs are the de-facto standard for much of the world's ability to share documents, there is much more to Adobe than most people realize...visit to browse their products.