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Single source data throughout the product lifecycle

DTB and Model Based Enterprise
DTB-MBE-Process.pdf - 315 Kb

2-Page summary of DTB and MBE


2D drawing-based deliverables in the design process are rapidly being replaced as companies adopt Model Based Enterprise.

MBE uses a single source data model throughout the lifecycle of a product providing a far more integrated environment — downstream and up.

3D product definitions are shared, enabling rapid and seamless lifecycle management of products from concept to deployment and maintenance.

MBE's framework integrates tools and processes. Design, review and manufacturing information is created in one system and is seamlessly shared.

All of the data used to create and maintain a product is traceable to the single-source database.
The database supports any number of processes allowing the system the flexibility to accommodate tools and techniques yet to be developed.
The Department of Defense is committed to utilizing the most efficient supply chain processes.  The Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD), with other military organizations, is committed to utilizing Model Based Enterprise.

Projects undertaken by the OSD are designed to illustrate for manufacturers and DOD buyers that MBE is the future.
MBE Management

The MBE environment distributes complete data electronically. Every detail can be extracted and seamlessly transitioned to manufacturing and further downstream to support and maintenance.
DTB can enable highly connected and collaborative DME operations.

A thorough audit of your process and the steps to achieving MBd and MBe
Standards-Based COTS Engineering Data Management for MBE
ISO 10303 PLCS/S1000D Bi-Directional Linkage between LSAR Database and CSDB
Configuration-Controlled Generation of Required Information for Total Lifecycle Management
Support Delivery of 3D Technical Data Packages
Facilitate Legacy Data Conversion to Leverage Standards and Avoid Obsolescence
Provide Real-Time Access to Fully-Annotated 3D-Models for Performance-Based Logistics

Getting Started as a Model Based Enterprise

There are many benefits that encourage companies to make the change to MBE:
— Save money while streamlining processes
— Gain a substantial competitive edge in your market
— Satisfy contractual obligations
Entities supporting
Model Based Enterprise development:
US Department of Defense ManTech -
Manufacturing Technology Program
"The ManTech Program develops technologies and processes for the affordable, timely production and sustainment of defense systems. The program impacts all phases of acquisition. It aids in achieving reduced acquisition and total ownership costs by developing, maturing, and transitioning key manufacturing technologies..."
Manufacturing Extension Partnership
"MEP is a catalyst for strengthening American manufacturing – accelerating its ongoing transformation into a more efficient and powerful engine of innovation driving economic growth and job creation..."
ARDEC Armament Research,
Development and Engineering Center

"...for the advancement of armament technologies and engineering innovation...The ARDEC's workforce provides life-cycle support for nearly 90 percent of the lethal Army systems used by U.S. Warfighters."