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Program Management

Streamlined information authoring, distribution and re-use

Complete Program Management

Dayton T. Brown's Technical Services offers all of the resources to fulfill the requirements of complex authoring and information systems deployment. An added element that clearly distinguishes DTB from competition: Program Management.

DTB has a staff of Senior Program Managers with over 250 years of technical publications experience. This insures that any program we support will be on-time, within budget and at the required quality standards.

DTB assigns program managers to all of the programs we support and they take responsibility for an on-time, quality delivery within budget. They also provide our customers with regular updates and all reporting requirements throughout the program.

Benefits of DTB Program Management

Typically, and especially in complex projects, there is a need to identify interdependencies of schedules, goals, technologies and costs.

DTB's Program Managers coordinate goal-scheduling ensuring scope, resources and schedules are properly managed to support a project. We monitor project status communicating risks associated with delivery and budget as well as technical issues.

Some clients employ sophisticated progress monitoring, such as earned value systems that provide metrics during the project. DTB not only fully integrates into these systems but can implement them, as well. These methods can provide a valuable cohesive and informative framework for the completion of your projects.

Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management (EVM), or Earned Value Project/Performance Management (EVPM) is a program management technique for objectively measuring project performance and progress.

EVM has the ability to combine measurements of :

Scope - general direction, goals and methods
Schedule - planning and deliverables
Cost - budgets and costs throughout your systems

Earned Value Management can accurately forecast project performance problems, an important component of project management. Popularity of EVM has grown significantly in recent years beyond government contracting, where its importance continues to rise.

The use of EVM  to affect plans and controls significantly improves both scope definition as well as the analysis of overall project performance. Research has also shown that the principles of EVM are positive predictors of project success.