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DTB Technical Authoring Services

Developing content and authoring information systems to required specifications...

Technical Documentation

The development of technical documentation is comprised of many disciplines including needs analysis, information authoring, illustration, publishing, training and support and others.

Dayton T. Brown’s large staff is at your disposal. Our technical and engineering authoring experts provide an unequalled resource to your enterprise. Our long experience extends across a broad range of processes and equipment types and our methodologies will assure your best results.

DTB Technical Services utilizes not only the most up-to-date but the most appropriate software and systems to undertake and complete your project. We are fully knowledgeable of current documentation standards and specifications, including the evolving ASD/AIA S1000D.

Our mission is to form the best solutions and effectively integrate them into your processes; putting your information to work for you. Our mission is your success.

DTB's Technical Services Division has provided technical authoring services to clients around the world since 1966.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is our core capability. We research, author and provide your information in the best format for your purposes. DTB's staff of experts provide complete technical data capabilities from initial research to documentation development, validation and deployment.

We offer development of a wide variety of technical information types that include:

  Maintenance Manuals Training Manuals
  Parts Catalogs (Illustrated) Parts & Provisioning Docs
  Component Maintenance Manuals Installation Instructions
  Overhaul and Repair Instructions Fault Isolation Manuals
  Software / Hardware Manuals Wiring Diagram Manuals
  Aircraft Maintenance Manuals Flight Manuals
  Operator Manuals and Procedures Safety / Service Bulletins
  Test and Troubleshooting Manuals
  Part Illustration / Detailed Breakdowns
  Many other content types developed over decades

DTB covers all aspects of the project, beginning with planning

Analyze to Implement

From the start, DTB will listen to your goals to form a thorough understanding of your needs. Experienced program managers and assessment specialists will detail an efficient approach to develop the content and systems to satisfy your requirements.

DTB can provide comprehensive content authoring for new requirements. We can research, understand and implement technical changes to your existing documentation, as well.

We will leave no opportunities for efficiency unexamined, and endeavor to chart the best course for your project's development.

Find out how we can be of assistance - contact DTB about your project.

Comprehensive Solutions:

Our expert authors, illustrators and logisticians, guided by dedicated management teams assemble uniquely designed and effective response to your requirements. Through Dayton T. Brown's continual development with all types of industrial, municipal and military partnerships, we have evolved a sole source enterprise to support your efforts.


Technical Needs Analysis, Reporting and Solution Planning - From first contact to deployment, DTB provides practiced methodology to assess client needs and build integrated solutions to enhance your efforts. Our studies, experience and resources quickly put everyone involved on the best path to a successful project outcome. The scope of the undertaking is detailed, budgets devised and management is assigned to keep the project on-track. With DTB at the helm, everyone knows the destination and the course is clearly charted.
Authoring and Illustration - Subject matter experts and authors of all disciplines, advanced illustrators and 3D modelers, software engineers, standards experts and more can be bought to bear on your project. Our talent is uniquely experienced with complex technologies and the detailed expertise required by such areas as aerospace and aviation, telecommunications and the military; and DTB always rises to the occasion. Our goal is the timely completion of a project while exceeding your expectations while keeping costs in sight.

Information Delivery - Whether interactive manuals (IETM), parts catalogs, on-board instructional or inline procedures, technical information needs a framework for delivery. The content we develop is delivered where and when it is needed — at any points of interaction along your process. And, our authored content is developed to standards, such as S1000D — in fact, the experts at DTB are involved in defining these evolving specifications.

Logistics Services - The term 'logistics' has come to mean many things, but to DTB it means everything. Logistics is the big picture; the broad view of your operation, both in space and in time. How does your information flow fit into your process? How is your data used to plan for tomorrow's requirements? At what point does your information become your intelligence? Based on careful assessment and anticipation models, DTB Logistics Services provides the one essential item to the success of any enterprise: a plan.
Advanced Solutions - Standards and specifications evolve and information delivery methods change. DTB has historically stayed ahead of the curve. We strive to create the best solution for our customers and keep them on course to further development. And, as we are involved in emerging information technology also allows us to keep our customers heading in the best direction so today's efforts will not end in obsolescence.
Consulting, Training and Support - At DTB, there's more to information development and delivery than sending our customer a PDF. The successful deployment of complex information systems requires a company with the resources to evaluate a client's requirements, develop the content and delivery and provide training and support for the system. DTB is that company; our experience, talent-pool and resources are unmatched and our dedication to excellence unequalled.

Our goal is total customer satisfaction. We have earned many customer commendations. We would like to earn yours.