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Quality Assurance at DTB

Quality is a continuous process of improvement

The Quality Process at DTB

Quality grows from understanding and anticipating our clients' requirements.

Dayton T. Brown has been a recognized leader in technical communications products and services since 1966. We know much of our success is due to the continuing improvements to our quality procedures.

We regularly undertake reviews of our methods and rely heavily on client response, as well. We are very attentive to our customer's evaluation and opinions.

Evolving and comprehensive standards, such as S1000D, may increase the complexity of satisfying requirements, but their evolution is necessary. The expectations of information performance seems to grow exponentially. Data that was once inaccessible is now integrated into manufacturing, logistics, engineering and purchasing decisions. It seems as though every link in the chain is critical and to control this data, standards evolve from necessity.

We establish and pursue stringent quality controls because every link in the chain is critical.

Our Quality Objectives:

To provide deliverables that meet requirements — this simple-sounding phrase is the basis of our business — but there's more to it. When we meet requirements, we meet the most stringent requirements that governments, military services and industry could devise. And we have the experience, resources and skills to not only satisfy these requirements, but to understand and to implement them on our clients' behalf.

Continually improve our systems — we are our client's intermediary between their objectives and the technological and specified requirements. One of our strengths is our day-to-day use of many varying technologies and systems. Our 'over-exposure' to changing techs and specs has contributed substantially to a fundamental understanding of these environments and the job-at-hand.

Continually improve our quality management system — we regularly review the processes and methodologies we employ to provide our services. Through regular performance analysis and customer feedback, we strive to uncover any opportunity to improve.

DTB is ISO 9001:2008 certified. This is one of the measures we've taken to enhance our quality environment.
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ISO Certification

Dayton T. Brown, Inc.’s Quality Management System (QMS) has been established in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9000 and the Six Sigma philosophy. Our Quality Assurance Department maintains a fully documented QMS, which meets the applicable requirements of, ISO 9001:2000, and MIL-Q-9858A. This system provides procedures for program planning, quality reviews, continuous improvement, root cause detection, corrective action and preventive action throughout all phases of document development.

The four levels of our QMS are: Quality Assurance Plan, Quality Procedures, Work Instructions and Checklists. The Quality Assurance Coordinator ensures that project leaders provide clear, concise instructions to all personnel from initial review and acceptance of contractual agreements through the completion of programs. The coordinator maintains an effective and accurate record system, to document the implementation and monitoring of the Quality Assurance Plan. Quality Assurance personnel supplement this plan for each program to ensure that all quality goals are fully achieved.

The Quality Assurance Coordinator reports directly to the Division Head, who is also a corporate officer of Dayton T. Brown, Inc.