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Standards Applied, Expectations Exceeded

Today's technologies drive — and support — standardization

Have standards risen over the past 50 years?

Yes, and not only in their goals, but in complexity and the number of requirements to consider. Regulatory agencies have proliferated with their requirements and have added a new layer to satisfying already demanding work requirements.

The DTB Technical Services Division has prepared documentation, illustrations, enabled information systems, performed analysis and reporting for very diverse base of customer types. Many of our projects over the last 50 years have been for U.S. and allied military and government agencies. We have been heavily involved with aviation and aerospace information and logistics systems, even participating in developing some of the standards in use today.

Not surprisingly, standards and requirements of governmental, military and authoritative agencies can be somewhat complex. Satisfying these standards is often problematic and, for the team inexperienced with authoring to spec, delays and re-dos can become time and resource-consuming realities.

We think this environment of updating and emerging standards is a very good thing – and not for our obvious benefit – but because these standards can work. Today, with new technologies driving the deployment and new uses of information, standards can be set and maintained. And these new standards are destined to form a consistent framework by which the broadest range of processes can benefit.

Technical Information Standards

Following are a few of the standards DTB's Technical Services Division follows  in the preparation of material.

S1000D FAA FAR PART 145 MIL-STD-1388 2A and 2B
XML / SGML ATA 2200 MIL-PRF-49506
ADL   MIL-STD-3001