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DTB Web-Based Solutions and the Cloud

Your information — wider access, increased efficiency

Web Solutions

Web-based access to technical information grows.

DTB cloud solutions migrate your data beyond the boundaries of a centralized server or personal computers. The secure storage of your critical files makes them accessible via web-based services (custom apps) from any authorized internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world.

Web Based Solutions?

Today the Internet has become a common place for the exchange of information. Technical Information is no exception. DTB offers customized Web Based Technical Information Solutions for your business.

Our staff of software analysts and programmers can review your requirements, design and develop custom solutions. And, DTB offers complete turnkey hosted and non-hosted solutions.

Benefits of DTB's Web Solutions:

Savings: savings of time, effort and economy all resulting in a new efficiency and results.

The movement to online applications and access to your data opens doors. User apps can be uniformly updated while information is efficiently kept current. Changes are disseminated instantly across a cloud network, with global reach, under your control.

Updates are easy: Web apps update themselves automatically, so there’s always just one version — the latest version with all the newest features and improvements. With DTB cloud based applications, there's no need to manually upgrade to a new version every time.
Data is current: The cloud promotes single-source data sources affording tiered access throughout your network of users. DTB develops data applications to address every aspect of your enterprise, user-level and information directed to purpose.
Compatibility with every device: In traditional computing, some programs work only on particular systems or devices. Keeping up with all the right software can be time-consuming and costly. In contrast, the web is an open platform. Anyone can reach it from a browser on any web-connected device, regardless of whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, phone or tablet.

Customized Web-Based Solutions:

DTB's staff of programmers, system designers and analysts can develop applications and systems tailored to your requirements. Our experience and ability to understand our customers goals is the key to effective solutions.

DTB has the system design and programming resources to develop customized web based solutions.

We also offer our clients access to their programs from our on-line program management portal.

An example: DTB manages, updates and delivers all of the manuals required at a major international air terminal on our hosted servers.

While developing documentation for our customers cloud solutions are utilized to enhance the review process — clients checkout their documents, annotate and redline and are easily integrated into the update process.